Prairie Deva Flower Essences

Prairie Deva Essences are made by Robert Rogers, Laurie Szott-Rogers and many Prairie Devas who work hard to bring their knowledge and healing methods to the human realm. Prairie Deva Essences are mainly from the Canadian Prairies. Generally, we feel indigenous plants are our most effective healers. The exception to this is while travelling, we sometimes feel drawn to make an essence native to another location. We believe at these times these particular plant energies have properties useful to us.

Prairie Deva Essences come as single essences, or as a Practitioner’s Kit


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If you are drawn to an essence choose that one. Ask the plant (i.e. spruce) for its help and healing. Each essence will affect everyone slightly differently, so trust your intuitive impression of how the plant will work with you.

This info. Is meant for general interest and is not a diagnosis or panacea. The essences can safely be added to any health care or psychological program. Flower essences will not, however, take the place of medical or psychological treatment. Do not replace your medications with essences.

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Prairie Deva Flower Essences

Alberta Wild Rose

(Rosa woodsii)
KEYWORDS – Joy, love, dealing with grief

The color of Alberta’s Wild Rose ranges from white to intense pink. It is related to the heart chakra, both in its color and in the shape of individual petals. It has been known through time as the flower of love. While the flower opens it forms a cup shape, receptive and gentle…


(Medicago sativa)
KEYWORDS – scarcity, generosity

Alfalfa flower essence is related to soul qualities of scarcity and plenty. The essence is specifically for Individuals that can never get enough or feel unworthy. There may be a constant worry about money and finances so that debt becomes a script for life. The over…

Aloe Vera

(Aloe vera)
KEYWORDS – Accepting inner beauty, healing old wounds

The aloe plant is a succulent that ranges in height from 1-5 feet. The flowers hang downward like small cylinders. The plant takes 2-3 years to flower. As a medicinal herb, the aloe plant has many uses. The herbal uses although not directly applicable for our use, are…

Alum Root

(Heuchera richardsonii)
KEYWORDS – New beginnings, releasing addictions and old patterns

Alum root flower essence is indicated for individuals who feel limited by fixed ideas and behaviors. Mental patterns it may help include: obsessive-compulsive disorder, as well as Aspberger’s and Tourette’s. It can be difficult to…


KEYWORDS – Living in the moment, having faith

Ammonite the only gem essence produced by Prairie Deva, is also the oldest known to mankind. The largest deposits of it are currently located in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. It is the gem signature of the province. Drumheller is in a prehistoric looking…


(Actaea rubra/alba)
KEYWORDS – Releasing guilt, and self-destructive behaviors

Baneberry flower essence relates to the soul quality of guilt. In many religions, there is a concept of original sin, and other associations with guilt, at an early age. Baneberry flower essence assists those who continually sabotage feelings of happiness…


(Arctostaphylos uva-ursi)
KEYWORDS – Accepting and integrating psychic and intuitive growth

Bearberry flower essence helps to strengthen and increase psychic abilities. Often times, this ability is present, and it is a matter of “awakening” the stored energy. When first accessed, this may result in…

Wild Bergamot

(Monarda fistulosa)
KEYWORDS – Re-integration of authentic personality

Wild Bergamot flower essence is indicated for those individuals with multiple or split personalities. The plant signature lies in the hybridization abilities of the plant, with its wide variation of constituents also manifesting in its etheric plane…

Field Bindweed

(C. arvensis)
KEYWORDS – Balancing nervous system, individualism

Field Bindweed flower essence is related to the human nervous system. Unlike most sun-loving plants, which turn with the sun in a left to right manner, this plant does the opposite. In fact, it is so insistent upon this…

Black Currant

KEYWORDS – Feminine cycles, earth consciousness

This many-stemmed shrub grows to about one meter high. Its leaves have a heart-like shape, indicating an affinity to the heart chakra. The darkness and taste of the fruit tie it to the watery realm of the 2nd chakra…

Black Spruce

(Picea mariana)
KEYWORDS – Reclamation and transformation of shadow, clarity, emotional endurance

The Black spruce is a rather scraggly evergreen. It grows in harsh conditions, usually in swamps. It likes to keep its “feet wet”. Its roots are long and straight and…

Buckbean (Bogbean)

(Menyanthes trifoliata)
KEYWORDS – Calmness and detachment, focus on the present

Buckbean flower essence helps one to maintain a calm repose in the midst of hubris and excessive activity. Learning to observe, events and responses, without becoming personally affected, takes a level of…


(Cornus canadensis)
KEYWORDS – Appreciating simple beauty, tuning into subtle energy

Bunchberry flower essence helps bring attention and awareness to the qualities of deception and self-deception. It assists individuals by helping them have deeper insights into interactions with their environment and other people….


(Inonotus obliquus)
KEYWORDS – Flexibility

Chaga fungal essence is associated with emotional and spiritual constriction and situations where rigid belief systems have diminished vitality and energy in individuals. It is early in life that belief systems take hold and become tacked one upon another in a train of indoctrination….

Sweet Clover

(Melilotus officinalis)
KEYWORDS – Memory, brainwashing

Sweet Clover flower essence may be indicated for those individuals suffering memory loss, dementia, and conditions associated with aneurism and stroke. This may include emotional comfort for the confusion, pain and fear associated with brain trauma. Symptoms …


(Petasites sagittatus)(P. frigidus ssp. sagittatus)
KEYWORDS – Keeping present, prioritizing what’s important, establishing goals, healing love wounds

The Coltsfoot flowers range from white to pink in color. They appear in spring before the leaves emerge. The leaves are soft, insulating and furry. They are shaped like a long triangle…


(Agropyron repens)
KEYWORDS – Releasing stubborn behavior, allowing for change

Couchgrass flower essence is related to the pattern of holding onto old belief systems. Individuals who resonate to this essence tenaciously hold onto old beliefs and behaviors. They are stubborn and resistant to change, even in…


(Apocynum androsaemifolium)
KEYWORDS – Addiction, escapism

Dogbane flower essence is related to issues surrounding addictions, including alcohol, marijuana, various drugs, sex, gambling and such. The essence works on various levels, with an initial awareness of the addiction and its attraction. On a physical level, it may…


(Erigeron canadensis)
KEYWORDS – Beauty, discernment, possession

Fleabane flower essence is related to the life lessons of discernment and beauty. It can be of assistance in both males and females who are considered externally “beautiful” by standards of society. This flattery of ego is reinforced by access to circles of people…


(Lonicera tartarica)
KEYWORDS – Perseverance, fear of failure, inertia

Honeysuckle flower essence is related to the soul qualities of hardiness and perseverance. There can be a thin edge at times between stubbornness and mental fixation. It is important that thoughts and action are completed at the first sign of challenge or obstruction…

Larch, Western

(Larix occidentalis)
KEYWORDS – Grounding, competence, confidence, protection

The flowers on this tree are red and conical. It is an interesting evergreen, because it loses its leaves in the fall, submitting to the seasons, like a deciduous tree. It is a tree that feels strong, protective …


(Syringa vulgaris)
KEYWORDS – Imagination, fantasy, fun, insight, nurturing, receptivity, allowing

The Latin for Lilac, Syringa is from the Greek SURIGX or SYRINX, a pipe or trumpet, likely in reference to the hollow stems of the lilac wood used to make pipes. The scent of lilac flowers is sweet…

Mountain Ash

(Sorbus scopulina)
KEYWORDS – Retain sense of self. Control issues

Mountain Ash flower essence is most useful to those who have too great a need to please others. In this process, it is very easy to lose track of themselves. The essence is important in-group settings, team sports, and family and…

Woody Nightshade Bittersweet

(Solanum dulcamara)
KEYWORDS – Journeying, deep seeing, dreaming, moving trauma

This plant native to Europe is a trailing and climbing perennial, but it is also found in Canada. Its stunning purple flowers with orange-yellow anthers, become green, then orange, and finally, red berries appear. This tiny …

Ocotillo Jacob’s Staff

(Fouquieria splendens)
KEYWORDS – Time management, focus

Ocotillo flower essence is related to the soul experience of forgetfulness and timelessness. It is useful for meditation, combining well with toadflax, for those individuals who have difficulty removing distractions from their mind. This…

Pineapple Weed

(Matricaria matricariodes)
KEYWORDS – Mother, child, fontanel

Pineapple weed is indicated for issues that involve mother and child. It may be used frequently, whenever there is disharmony between the two, or for colic and vomiting in the baby. It also helps ease general nervous tension caused by…

Pink Fairy Orchid

(Calypso bulbosa)
KEYWORDS – Appreciation of art, developing and manifesting unique inner gifts

Calypso is delicate and slender. The variety found in Alberta is usually magenta colored, with a little yellow and white. It is a tiny orchid, growing in a fierce climate. The plant is very rare but…

Pond/Water Lily

(Nymphaea odorata)
KEYWORDS – Cosmic perspective, uniting heart and head, Inner Harmony

A white, pink or yellow, starburst flower nestled cozily upon a waxy, heart-shaped leaf, draws many admirers to this plant. The petal numbers range from 23-32. The plant’s adaptability is shown in the way it sends…


(Rubus idaeus)
KEYWORDS – Getting life on track. Defining what one wants. Decluttering

The raspberry’s five-petalled flowers are usually white but can be pinkish. The roots are tenacious and in the right situation can live for many years. Raspberry roots do not like to be wet over extended periods. The barbs …

Shepard’s Purse

(Capsella bursa-pastoris)
KEYWORDS – Fertility, supporting feminine cycles

Shepherd’s purse flower essence is related to the soul quality of fertility and feminine energy. It is useful for soothing the fear and negative emotions associated with various phases of the menstrual cycle. The essence is very useful for helping ease a young woman’s fear of…


(Potentilla anserina)
KEYWORDS – Communication, sensitivity, manifesting of intent, good mothering

Silverweed flower essence helps enhance communication and sensitivity in families, groups or wherever a consensus must be reached peacefully. It heightens awareness of other people’s desires and concerns. It brings the individual…


(Drosera rotundifolia)
KEYWORDS – Increases feminine energy in men and women, self-nurturing

Men and women can use sundew flower essence for a similar purpose. Often times, there is a turning away or rejection of the feminine in the individual. In males, this creates an aggravation of masculine energy that can result in…


(Linaria vulgaris)
KEYWORDS – Appreciation of silence; Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism

Toadflax flower essence is helpful to those individuals that catch themselves saying ” I should have…..”.By stuffing down what they were feeling or experiencing at the moment, out of fear or embarrassment; they deprive themselves of the…

Water Plantain

(Alisma plantago-aquatica)
KEYWORDS – Balances sweetness, deprivation manipulation

This plant may help diminish excesses of the body and mind. Often these patterns develop from past trauma, where someone has felt deprived. It can also arise if our caretaker suffered deprivation, and over-compensated with our…

Wolf Willow

(Elaeagnus commutata)
KEYWORDS – Supports growth and transition. Guards boundaries

The moon rules this plant. Its branches and leaves are silvery. The fragrant, tubular flowers have four petals, silver on the outside and yellow inside. Wolf Willow flower essence speeds up the dilation of the cosmic cervix allowing…



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