Teaching and Speaking

Robert has taught plant medicine for over 20 years, and Laurie has taught alternative healing for nearly 20 years. Currently they are directors and instructors at the Northern Star College of Mystical Studies.

Here are their programs:


Earth Spirit Medicine Program

Program Directors: Robert Rogers and Laurie Szott-Rogers

The courses in this stream are designed to equip the student with a strong background in plant medicine. Courses such as, herbology and aromatherapy will provide a knowledge base of plant properties and techniques for using the plants therapeutically. Other courses in the stream will explore the spirit of plant medicine and give learners the opportunity to connect with the higher intelligence of both plants and clients, by integrating intuitive skills. Read more about the Earth Spirit Medicine Program…

Intuitive Counseling Program

Program Director: Laurie Szott-Rogers

Hear whisperings of the wisdom of the ancients alongside of practical modern theories to strengthen your inner-voice. This stream will explore mythological, archetypal, practical and mystical ways to nurture and develop deep intuitive knowing, for personal and professional purposes. It will provide a consistent space to create and honor soul in your life, while developing intuitive skills and deepening self-trust. Read more about the Intuitive Counselling Program- http://northernstarcollege.com/program/programs/intuitive-counselling-program/ 

Speaking Engagements

Laurie and Robert are frequently asked to speak at events, together, or individually.

Fees are:

1-3 Hours $300.00 – $500.00
Full Day $900.00
2 Days $1.600.00
Travel and accommodation are not included.

Topics include:

The Top 20 Oils and How to Use Them.
Using the Oils to Create Personal Beauty Products:
Making Your Own Cleaning Products

Flower Essences:
Deepening Your Soul Life With Essences
How to Choose a Flower Essence?
Prairie Deva Essences

Dream Fundamentals
Learning the Language of Dreams
Using Dreams for Self Understanding
See Laurie’s Dream Midwifery Consulting

The Goddess Personality Types – An overview of many goddesses, or an in-depth workshop on each of the Greek 8.
Healing modern wounds with Ancient Wisdom


Medicinal Aromatherapy
Medicinal Herbs
Menopause, Herbs for Seniors or Children
Herb/ Drug Interactions
Wild Edibles
Medicinal Mushrooms of North America
Bio and myco Remediation
Integrative Health Care

See Robert’s Earth Medicine Consulting