Scents of Wonder Aromatic Blends

By Laurie Szott-Rogers, Scents of Wonder. For the Goddess in all of her guises. Fax: 1 780-439-9540

Scents of Wonder, Aromatic Blends Cautions

Do not take essential oils internally. Babies should never be given essential oils internally, not even a drop. Oils such as eucalyptus and birch are lethal if swallowed, even in small quantities. Never use blends with peppermint, birch or eucalyptus around youngsters. Do not let babies, children or pets near the oils, to prevent accidental ingestion. Store your oils in a safe place. Again, floral waters are generally a safer substitute for the very young, so use these with infants, but again, not internally.

Pregnant women, especially in their first trimester should avoid essential oils. This is especially true if there is any history of miscarriage. There are many potential toxins in the environment that affect pregnant women. Oils are one of many possible irritants. Keep essential oils out of your eyes. If they do get in, apply a vegetable oil to the edge of a clean cloth and place this on the corner of your eye. This will attract the essential oil, and works better than washing the eye with water.

Do not apply essential oils directly onto skin without dilution and patch testing on the thin areas of your skin first. This includes your wrists, inside of elbows behind the knees and under the ears, the same places you would apply fragrance. If you suffer epileptic episodes avoid any of the stimulating oils such as sage or rosemary. This is especially true for internal use- epileptics should never ingest the stimulating oils. Some oils may affect asthmatics. Determine which ones these are and avoid them.

If you have allergies to plants be cautious about using any of the essential oils from the same plant or plant family, as your known allergen. Sometimes the allergy is only to the pollen and will not apply to the oil- but be very cautious. On the other hand, many people with allergies to petrochemical perfumes may find the oils surprisingly refreshing. I know I am able to use them, but I am negatively impacted by chemical-based perfumes. Many of my students are charmed by the scent of essential oils and are repulsed by petrochemical-based scents. Reactions, of course, are highly personal and subjective. Always treat the oils with respect. They are potent healers and life-enhancing compounds when used appropriately.

Aromatic Blends may be found in various Product Lines, featured below.

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The Harmonious Homes Line  

Blends for Your Home and Health!

Harmonious Home Blends are Available as Single Blends, or as a Complete Kit.


Bed Time Lullaby – Be lulled into a state of gentle relaxation. Breathe gently and deeply, calm your mind. Add a few drops of this soothing mix into vegetable oil or milk, and drop into your bath. Place a few drops neat onto a Kleenex and tuck into your pillow. Think of what you love and allow the scents of lemongrass, lavender, tangerine, marjoram, sandalwood, roman chamomile, and neroli to accompany you to the world of dreams. Do not take internally. Keep away from eyes. Do not use on skin, undiluted. Do not use if pregnant. Do not use on babies or children.

Breathe Better – Place a few drops of this potent mix of essential oils onto a Kleenex and tuck into your pillow at night. Add a few drops to hot water and breathe in the steam, (careful not to burn yourself), or add a few drops to a diffuser and inhale.  Essential oils: eucalyptus, tea tree, marjoram, peppermint, niaouli, birch, rosemary, spruce, cajeput, ravintsara, ravensare, spike lavender, myrtle, spearmint, and wintergreen. Do not take internally. Keep away from eyes. Do not use on skin, undiluted. Do not use if pregnant. Do not use on babies or children under the age of six.

Concentration – To heightens your mental focus sniff this blend of lemon, rosemary, peppermint, basil and black pepper all documented as analytic enhancers.

Cozy Kitchen – Comforting scents of tangerine, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and cardamom waft from this homey mix.

Creative Muse- This blend can be enjoyed by children or adults who wish to promote free-spirited play. Use this mix of mandarin, orange, bergamot, ylang, helichrysum, lavender and cinnamon to inspire the creative muse in you!

Harmony – Balance and uplift your environment with this popular blend of orange, lavender, bergamot, lime, clary sage and patchouli.

Love Potion – This blend contains oils thought to be erotic and uplifting. This all-time favorite is composed of essences of patchouli, geranium, ylang, clary, pepper, sandalwood jasmine, rose and cinnamon. Use in the diffuser, bath or as a personal perfume.

Moon Dance – During PMS many women are intuitive but ultra sensitive. Mood extremes may feel unpleasant. This blend of rose geranium, grapefruit, bergamot, fennel, clary, sandalwood, and ylang may be used in massage, bath or the diffuser. It may help take the edge off mood swings and bloating.

Mystical Forest – A refreshing, invigorating scent made from frankincense, amyris, cedar, vetiver, spruce, pine, basil and angelica, all forest-lover’s favorites.

Perk Up! – A zappy, energizing blend of rosemary, spearmint, spruce, petitgrain, cedar, birch, and basil. Designed to stimulate! Use in a diffuser.

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Practical Potions

Aromatic Blends for Health and Day-to-Day, Practical Issues.


All of the Practical Potions Blends, (except for the The Knight in Shining Armor- Red Knight),  have the above label, with ingredients listed.

Bug Thug Two – A bug deterring blend of catnip, cedar, citronella, eucalyptus, geranium, tea-tree etc. Mix in a carrier oil and apply to skin. Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding, or on children under the age of 3.    5ml

Eucalyptus Bliss – Eucalyptus leaves are shaped like lungs. The effect of this plant is to enhance breathing. A disinfecting antiseptic blend of many types of eucalyptus. Use in a diffuser, or mix with 95% carrier oil and rub onto the chest to fight colds. Never take internally. Do not use with children under the age of 3.     5ml

Ginger Fire– This warming and disinfecting blend of ginger and spice helps to warm a cold body. Drop into a tablespoon of full fat milk and disperse into the bath. Dilute in a carrier oil and rub onto the body or feet for a fiery massage. Also good for colds and flu. Essential oils of ginger, eucalyptus, clove and black pepper.

Head Calm- To help reduce feelings of stress, pain and inflammation. Dilute with a carrier and rub onto the neck, shoulders and temples. Do not get into eyes. Essential oils of  lavender, peppermint, marjoram, basil, helichrysum, sage and german chamomile. Dont forget to breathe.

The Knight in Shining Armor-The Red Knight is made of strong stuff. The shield of protection created by the knight may deter invaders. He is a warrior. Do not under-estimate his strength.  To strengthen apply to soles of feet. Put a few drops a spray bottle with water and shake. Spray into the air to cleanse. May be used for cleaning and disinfecting, but not on plastic or furniture with fragile finishes. Contains Eucalyptus globulus, cinnamon leaf, spike lavender, lemongrass, oregano, clove bud, cedar, thyme, tea tree, and fir. Never take internally. Keep out of eyes and away from children and pets. The oil, undiluted is aggressive to the skin. Avoid during pregnancy. 5mls. (The Red Knight is very similar to the White Knight, who appears in Essence of the Goddess Blend), but the Knights can never be enough places!

Mold Menace – An anti-fungal mixture of oils useful for deterring molds. Contains oils of tea tree, lavender, patchouli, manuka, cedar, and clove. Use in a diffuser, or add to water while house cleaning. Do not take internally, nor use if pregnant or with children under the age of 3.    5ml

Pain Calm – A blend of strongly scented essential oils includes: marjoram, birch, peppermint, nutmeg, ginger, wintergreen, cypress, pine, blue chamomile and helichrysum aims to reduce pain and inflammation, sore or strained muscles or arthritis. Hold your nose- Mix into a carrier oil and rub into tender areas. Do not take internally, nor use if pregnant or with children under the age of 3.   5 mls

Scar Blend– This blend may help decrease scarring, in fairly fresh scars. Ensure the area is disinfected and try only a little of the product on the area, to ensure there is no reaction. This blend was developed years ago for a neighbor who suffered a bad biking accident. She raved about how much it helped her heal quickly, with minimal scarring. Contains carrier oils of apricot, aloe, calendula, carrot, callophyllum, jojoba, rosehip, sea buckthorn and essential oils of lavender, helichrysum and ylang. Keep refrigerated. 50 mls.

Stimulate – Does your battery need charging? This high- energy blend of oils including tangerine, rosemary, bergamot spearmint, and spruce may increase your voltage. Do not take internally, nor use if pregnant or with children under the age of 3.    5ml

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Into the Mystic

This Product line is for your spiritual self, to relax, play and commune with life.




Air Born- A refreshing, energizing blend of pure essential oils of spearmint, lemon, palmarosa, bergamot, and litsea.This mix helps stimulate the mind and a feeling of aliveness. Blend 5% airborn into an oil base to use as a daily anointment or massage oil. Good for the solar plexus chakra or to help rectify an air deficiency in an astrological chart.

Divine Blessing – This aromatic tribute to the angels is a loving offering of lavender, ylang, bergamot, petitgrain, neroli, rose and gardenia. Use for anointment, in the bath or diffuser.

Dream Temple – Grace your personal dream space with scents of amyris, sandalwood, patchouli, ylang, frankincense, cedar, orange, nutmeg, amber, mugwort, myrrh, lotus, and poplar. This blend is made from essential oils of plant woods historically used to build temples and churches. Use at bedtime to invite and honor your nightly dreamer and deepen your dream connection.

Earth Steward This woodsy blend of cedar, pine, vetivert, amyris, ylang, poplar, galbanum and angelica root. It is lovely mixed with a carrier oil and used for a massage. It may help create a sensual, grounded feeling. Use as a daily anointment or rub. Good for the feet, the 2nd and heart chakra, or to help rectify an earth deficiency in an astrological chart.

Gentle Kiss – This playful mix of vanilla, lavender, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger pepper, rose, cinnamon, and anise has a calming, romantic tone that may intrigue the male psyche. Shake before using, oils separate.

Heart to Heart – Open your heart to essential oils of mandarin, lavender, geranium ylang, clary sage and rose. Feel your cares diminish and your sense of joy expand.

Hearth Fire A smoky blend of essential oils, reminiscent of a late-night campfire. Contains essential oils of orange, cedar, spruce, juniper, oakmoss, vetiver & cade.

Honey Bear – Child-like scents of vanilla, orange, ho, sometimes ylang, cinnamon and benzoin), create the playful, sweet odor of Honey Bear.

Hummingbird – A fruity/ floral blend with a delicate “nose”. Contains palmarosa, bergamot, monarda, rose, vetivert, violet ylang, jasmine, currant, hyacinth, and neroli.

Inner Fire- This warming mix of pure essential oils of ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper can be mixed with a carrier oil for massage. It may arouse fiery, passionate and creative instincts. Also, use as a daily anointment. This blend contains essential oils of tangerine, cinnamon leaf, ginger, nutmeg, black pepper, cardamom, clove, red thyme, and peppermint. Good for the throat and root chakras and to sup


Magical Moment – Orange, amyris, frankincense, cinnamon, and myrrh, known by wise men to be “as precious as gold ” comprise this heady blend.

Men’s Safari Blend – A woodsy blend of forest scents including- orange, lime, vetiver,  cedar, tamarack, oakmoss, galbanum, and cinnamon. Use in a bath or diffuser. These oil combinations change depending on which port the safari visits, and which oils are local.

Night Flight What would an owl encounter on its journey through the dark? The scent of a forest might linger on its feathery wings. Essential oils of orange,  amber, oakmoss, benzoin, celery, spruce, hyssop, fir, thyme, cypress, and artemesia give this blend its unusual, ritualistic quality.

Peace on Earth This gentle blend with harmonious notes, includes, ylang, lavender, tangerine, frankincense, neroli and roman chamomile.

Raven – A deep, dark, penetrating scent embodying the magician like qualities of this powerful bird. Amyris, cedar, patchouli, frankincense, cinnamon, clove, masoia, amber, labdanum, cognac, calamus, galbanum and poplar outline the raven’s odor profile. Not a blend for the scent timid.

Sacred Transition – For occasions of great spiritual significance such as weddings, funerals, graduations, menopause. Many of these oils have been used through time to aid spiritual protection. Contains geranium, frankincense, ylang, ho, sandalwood, lavender, nagar motha, rose, juniper, cypress, myrrh, and calamus.

Sensual Storm – An exotic blend of oils including ylang, geranium, patchouli, rose and cinnamon to gently stir the erotic juices.

Simple Charm – A romantic favorite with familiar scents. Contains essential oils of vanilla, lavender & geranium.

Summer Cooler – Delight your inner mermaid with this refreshing medley of spearmint, lime, eucalyptus, spearmint, spruce and cilantro.

Sunflight – A sparkly, relaxing and refreshing synergy of lemon and lavender.

Tantric Hum – A transcendental journey, where the body and psyche weave with essences of amyris, ylang, palmarosa, frankincense, patchouli, amber, rose and jasmine. Use in a bath, massage or diffuser.

Touch of Rose  This popular floral bouquet is comprised of palmarosa, geranium and rose oils from around the world.

Uplifting – Feel refreshed and ready to greet the world using essential oils of bergamot, lemongrass, mandarin, and amyris.

Water Nymph – A soothing, sensual blend of lavender, ylang, tangerine, sandalwood, and mugwort; as seductive and playful as a mermaid.

Wind Sock – Run wild in the wind with the cheery scent of grapefruit, bergamot, vanilla, ylang, cardamom, cinnamon, and currant.

Winkin’ Blinkin’ & Nod – Get carried off to the land of nod with this relaxing mix of lavender, tangerine, ylang and roman chamomile.

Wood Nymph Feel joyous, but comfortable in your skin with the playful energy of a woodland fairy. Contains essential oils of amyris, orange, cedar, amber, vetiver, fir, pepper, sage & cardamom.

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The Chakra Blends– 5mls.

Developed by Laurie Szott-Rogers. Warnings: Always dilute essential oil in 95-98% vegetable oil before applying to skin. Do not take internally. Keep away from children. Do not use if you have allergies to the oils. Use carefully if epileptic, suffer from asthma or if pregnant. You may also use these oils in a diffuser, or bath. Patch test on skin to test for a reaction before using.

 Scents of Wonder Chakra Blends 

Chakra Blends are Available as Single Blends, or as a Kit.

chakra-box-lid small-page-001

Chakra One – Solid Ground This lush blend is ideal to rub onto feet to increase connection to the earth. Apply and breathe deeply, focusing your breath all the way to the ground, deep into the earth. Relax into a slow, rhythmic connection. Feel solid, safe and secure…know you walk on solid ground. Contains oils of patchouli, vetiver, mandarin, cedar, nutmeg, labdanum, cinnamon, and galbanum.

Chakra Two – Lady of The Lake The watery chakra where desire and pleasure merge is a point of great creativity and flexibility. Tap into the joy of following your own rhythm, as you lovingly apply oils of vanilla, ylang, bergamot, neroli and nutmeg, a few inches below your belly button. Take time to breathe into your desires, unravel your patterns and make wise choices. Calm and still…The Lady of the Lake. Shake before using, oils separate.

Chakra Three – Manifest What if you supported your own dreams as lovingly as you do those of others? What if you took time to appreciate your wisdom, kindness, and courage? Focus your breath on your belly. Breathe in personal power and confidence, as you apply the fiery scents of amyris, tamarack, ginger, clove, pepper, nutmeg and ambrette. Affirm your presence. Develop your dreams. Have a hearty laugh. Afterall, isn’t it a gift to be you?

Chakra Four – Bliss The heart is the gateway from the body to the soul. Apply oils of oakmoss, palmarosa geranium, amyris, ylang, patchouli, rose and jasmine, to your heart as you expand your breath.Take time to check in on your feelings. Focus on love, forgiveness and joy. Feel your bliss as you breathe trust, openness, and love into your heart. Breathe out grief, constraint, and sadness.

Chakra Five – True Resonance Apply his unique blend of oils of amyris, tamarack, cedar, yarrow, juniper, pine, and poplar, onto your throat as you focus on making any sound that would like to come out of you. Break up old energy by singing or chanting out vowel sounds. Listen as your voice rings true.

Chakra Six- Intuitive Flash The sixth chakra aids us in tuning into our dreams, intuition and “sense of knowing”. Apply oils of amyris, ylang, frankincense, and amber onto your third eye, (between the top of your eyebrows.) Take time to recognize your intuitive flashes and unravel your dreams.

Chakra Seven- Sacred Silence To know ourselves well, to understand our motivation, to be able to create gentle change. These are all attributes of the seventh chakra. It is at this point when we let our ego dissolve and feel a universal connection. Apply oils of amyris, lemongrass, ylang, frankincense and lotus to your crown. Attune to all that is!

Scents of Wonder- 7 Chakras Kit

Chakra Oils are Available as Single Oils, or as a Complete Kit.

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Goddess Blends are available as single essences, or as a kit.

Whispers of the Goddess have existed since the beginning of time. Her grip on our psyche is powerful and evocative. As individuals, we often have a primary Goddess guardian, but our lives also reflect a blend of archetypal patterns. Goddess essences have been created to help bring nuances of these mythic personalities into our daily lives. The scents may stir our ancient collective memories, or anchor us in the present. Read about each of the types and sniff each of the blends to find the most compelling.

How to Choose? To select your essence, read the keywords and sniff the blends. Decide which are most compelling.

How to Use? There are a variety of ways to use the essences. Dilute with a carrier oil and then apply to skin.  Add a few drops into your bath (2-7 drops), to create a sacred soak. Use in a diffuser, as a room scent. One of my favorite ways is to add 2-5% essential oil, to a spray bottle, with water. Use this GODDESS MIST, as a room scent, or to spray the halo area above your head. Each elixir is a mixture of pure essential oils and flower essences. The blends may be diluted and used as a perfume, in the bath (2-7 drops), or in a diffuser as a room scent. Patch test on skin to ensure there is no allergic reaction.

Aphrodite Goddess of love, passion, and creativity.

Aphrodite fills the room with electric moments. The eyes of the other become portals of possibility, and together you transcend time. Her gaze allows you to be visible, all facets witnessed, and for the first time fully understood. Each moment becomes ecstasy. From her fingers flow flowers, and from her tongue the taste of immortality. She brings joy to places that are frozen. With her touch, you thaw, and flow, unstoppable, into her timeless embrace. Affirmation: I embody the spirit of aliveness. I bring beauty and appreciation to each moment. I see grace in each individual and potential in each dark corner. I am joyful and full of passion. Essential Oils: ylang, rose geranium, rose and jasmine.

 Artemis Goddess of wild spaces, midwifery, the moon, women’s issues.

The untamed nymph of the woods runs with her arrows and bow. She chooses freedom.  At home in the wild, no one can restrain her or knock her off her path. The moon, her personal celestial consort brightens her nights. She protects vulnerable women and eases the pain of those giving birth. Artemis fights for those who fear for their safety. Her sense of justice is direct, her penalties severe. Her hair flies wild. She knows what she wants and lives without regrets.  She fights to preserve sacred places, inside our imaginations and outside in nature, Affirmations: I know what I want and clearly ask for it. I am strong, confident and aim unwaveringly at goals and targets that matter to me.  I am free and run wild. Essential Oils: lime, amyris, fir, pepper, poplar and sage.

Athena Goddess of right action, education, strength, warriors, and crafts-people.

Clear seeing, far-sighted Athena.  You hold the keys to knowledge, focus, and life-direction. Help us set boundaries, make decisions and act with courage. With you, we catalyze our will and take clear action. Teach us to prosper, and live with wisdom. Affirmation: I am strong, clear-seeing and wise. I move forward with courage and resolution. I am intelligent, sure-footed, fair-minded, and formidable. Essential Oils: bergamot, amyris, pepper, laurel, rosemary, yarrow, spearmint, and cinnamon.

Demeter Goddess of grain, devotion and, mothering.

Few gifts compare to the love of the great mother. Her capable arms welcome us, newly born, from our starry beginnings, to our earthly path. She nurtures and holds each soul, and selflessly provides. Demeter believes in us, even when we are lost in the realms of darkness, she awaits our return.  Grieving about our descent, she brings winter to the land. It is dry and baron. Yet, her faith is a beam of light, and as we struggle up from the underworld, it is into her arms we fall. Ecstatic to welcome us, she restores the hope of spring. Oh, good mother, let us learn to give and receive love, that doesn’t falter and faith that knows no bounds. Affirmation: I am generous, bountiful and warm. I give and receive unconditional love.  I am capable, competent and persistent. I recognize the cycles of the soul, and that winter delivers spring. Essential Oils: mandarin, vetiver, vanilla, ginger, cardamom and coriander.

Hekate Goddess of the crossroads, underworld, and portals.

Guardian of the underworld moves through the dark. Fearless in her truth, intuition is her tool.  High priestess of choice, at her altar we decide, do we go on pretending, or make honesty our bride? Mystical witch has remedies that heal. But knows what block us must dissolve, so we may feel. “Let go of what no longer serves you, to make room for the new. Your night dreams show the way, and tell you what is true. Live fully as yourself – no one else can be you.”   Affirmation: I have the courage to tell myself the truth. I am authentic and honest.  I allow life to flow, and that which is no longer real, to move on. I am intuitive, self-knowing and honor my dream life. I trust birth follows death. Essential Oils patchouli, ylang, palmarosa, clary sage,  frankincense, labdanum, and amber.

Hera Goddess of marriage, rulership, power, Queen of the Heavens.

Hera is a powerhouse. She is smart, strong and determined. She is loyal and generous to her partner. She treats marriage as sacred. Her integrity and commitment are unquestionable. When you invite Hera into your life you recognize the gift of true partnership. You commit to giving and receiving in a deep and meaningful way. Like Hera, you may run into rough patches in your relationship and decide to forgive and move forward. Queen of the Heavens, brings great power, status, and respect. She knows how the world works, carries influence and accomplishes great deeds. She respects monogamy, clear intentions and integrity. Affirmation: I join with thee. I pledge my life. I will be your loving wife. But, trifle with me and you will see. I will keep our kingdom. I hold the key. Essential Oils:  amyris, sandalwood, vetiver, pepper, ambergris, and jasmine. 

Hestia Goddess of the hearth, home, sacred spaces and stillness.

Self- contained and graceful, goddess of the hearth, bless us with good fortune and serenity. Let us take time to express gratitude for the warmth and comfort in our lives. Teach us to appreciate the meaning of each activity and create rhythm from chaos. You, who are centered, blessed and calm, please bring us peace. Affirmation: I am whole, complete and one with the universe. I am content with myself and do not rely on others to validate me.  I am comfortable in my rhythm and will not be rushed. I bless and purify each home I enter. Each moment is a sacred gift Essential oils: ylang, vanilla, rose geranium, lemongrass, cedar, amber and angelica.

Pan The deity of nature, spontaneity, and adventure.

A curious figure, you draw my eyes, half man, half beast, half hidden. I squint again to get a glimpse, you laughing goat-like god. Between the worlds, inside the trees, the plants themselves revere you. Covens gather, women sway; you mesmerize with pleasure. Devas dance, fairies frolic, while sprites swoon to see you. The earth itself is your bouquet, you vital natural wonder. Affirmation: I am earthy, vital and vibrant. I seek happiness, pleasure, and connection. I revere the majesty of nature. I am a steward of this beauty. Essential Oils: bergamot, amyris, amber, poplar, elemi, pine and lotus.

Persephone Goddess of Creativity, Dreams, and Potions.

Ripped from Demeter’s arms. Hades stole you for your charms. Half a year in each place. The Upper and Underworld know your ways. Inspiration on your breath. You bridge the corridor between life and death. Husband and mother, one on each wing. You come back to Demeter every spring. Perfumes and potions, creams to delight. Ethereal goddess of the night. Insightful goddess, who interprets dreams. In the land of symbols, nothing is what it seems. Come into my life to help me see. What is possible? What can be? Affirmation: I see in the dark and flower in the light. I bring inspiration, both day and night. I create from my heart and bring forth dreams. For whatever hurts, I soothe and heal with potions and creams.  Where ever you are is o.k. The underworld lets you rest, the upper, lets you play. Essential Oils: amyris, ylang, amber, frankincense, narcissus, and rose.

Knight in Shining Armor- King Arthur’s BlendThe Knight in Shining Armor is made of strong stuff.

The shield of protection created by the knight may deter invaders. He is a warrior. Do not under-estimate his strength. Never take internally. Keep out of eyes and away from children and pets. The oil, undiluted is aggressive to the skin. Avoid during pregnancy. To strengthen apply to soles of feet. Put a few drops a spray bottle with water and shake. Spray into the air to cleanse. May be used for cleaning and disinfecting, but not on plastic or furniture with fragile finishes. Contains Eucalyptus globulus, cinnamon leaf, spike lavender, lemongrass, oregano, clove bud, cedar, thyme, tea tree, and fir.

Essence of the Goddess is just one, of a number, of the Scents of Wonder original lines available, including The Chakra Blends, Practical Potions, Into the Mystic, Harmonious Homes & Mists of Magic.  Scents of Wonder carries over 150 pure essential oils and over 100 essential oil blends.

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Developed by Laurie Szott-Rogers Whispers of extraordinary beings have existed since the beginning of time. Their grip on our psyches is mesmerizing. Mists of Magic bring the essence of these mythic personalities into daily life. Use these pure essential oils and water-based mists, to tap into the wonder within yourself and in the universe. Bottles- 50 ml size. Shake each bottle well before using.

To Choose– Read about each of the magical beings, below and try the blends to find the most compatible.

To Use-Spray this mist into your bath, onto your pillow, or as a halo above your hair. Also use as a personal perfume, or as a scent for your home. Use the affirmations to reinforce your intentions.

Meet the Beings of the Magical Mists

Aphrodite’s Mist of Passion The goddess of love witnesses your special beauty. She brings joy to places that are frozen. With her touch, you thaw and flow into her timeless embrace. Affirmation: I bring beauty to each moment. I see grace in each individual and potential in each dark corner. I have a great passion for life. Essential oils of ylang, rose geranium, patchouli, black pepper, rose, jasmine, ginger, water and emulsifier.

Apollo’s Mist of Clarity High from above Apollo, being of the sun sees the truth and knows your path. Attune to Apollo to understand your next step. What do you wish to see with clarity? Affirmation: I have a perfect vision of my life. I carry out my plan with brilliance. Essential oils of lemon, elemi, amyris, rosemary, coriander, black pepper, basil, cinnamon, spearmint, water and emulsifier.  

Bridgid’s Mist of Manifestation Bridgid is prophetic and abundant. She skillfully tends her projects and life, from seed to harvest. Affirmation: I bring prosperity and resourcefulness. I push beyond what is visible.  I create new substance and turn imagination into matter. Essential oils of lime, elemi, vetiver, poplar, oakmoss, cilantro, ginger, water and emulsifier.

Hygeia’s Mist of Purification Hygeia, the goddess of clean, releases and uplifts. Her touch fosters hope and wellbeing. Affirmation: I restore what is wounded and cleanse what I touch. I dissolve old ways and move on to new beginnings. Essential oils of grapefruit, lemongrass, rosemary, tea tree, fir, vetiver, thyme, water and emulsifier.

Kuan Yin’s Mist of Compassion Kuan Yin tends to the elderly, and needy. She waits for us to find our way when we are lost.  She provides a light when there is darkness and stays with us, while others falter. She brings forgiveness and hope. Affirmation: I am restored by Kuan Yin’s love. I receive divine healing. Essential oils of mandarin, ylang, rose, lotus,  water and emulsifier.

Merlin’s Odor Eraser Merlin’s mist of magic dissolves bad smells. Spray this odor eater in the bathroom, car, or anywhere there are unpleasant scents. Affirmation: I use this spray and make bad smells go away! Contains essential oils of orange, cinnamon, water and emulsifier. 50 mls. Shake Before Using.

Smudge-Mist of Clearing  This powerful mist helps to clear negative energy and restore balance. Affirmation: May all bad energy leave this space! I call to harmony, healing, and kindness to take its place. Essential oils of tangerine, cedar, sage, lavender & juniper, water & emulsifier. Flower essences of pennyroyal & pink yarrow.

Titania’s Fairy Mist Titania, Queen of the fairies brings light, laughter and good luck. Affirmation: I see light and magic in all things. I bring happiness and grant wishes. Essential oils of bergamot, ylang, geranium, amber, ginger, cinnamon, poplar bud, blue lotus, a scent surprise ingredient, emulsifier & water.

Cautions– Do not use these mists internally. Keep away from infants. Do not get in eyes. Do not use if epileptic, allergic, sensitive, or if pregnant or breastfeeding. Shake before using. Discontinue use if any reaction develops.                    

Self Heal Distributing is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Co-owners, Robert Rogers and Laurie Szott-Rogers have been wholesalers and retailers of essential oils and flower essences since 1989. Mists of Magic, are one of Scents of Wonder’s original lines available, including – Harmonious Homes, Chakra Blends, Into the Mystic, Practical Potions, and Essences of the Goddess. Scents of Wonder carries over 150 pure essential oils and over 100 blends.

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