Dream Midwifery Consulting

Helping to birth your brilliance Dream language is not learned in school, yet it is as useful in communicating to yourself, as English is when speaking with others.

Who Benefits From Dream Work?

I work with people who are curious, have been involved in self-development and have done some inner work. They aren’t interested in gurus but want to claim their own inner authority. They are inquisitive about their dreams but don’t know how to interpret their messages. I help them understand their dreams and become more familiar with this symbolic language. This gives deep and immediate access to dream insights. At times everyone has important dreams, that if attended to can change the course of their lives. Read more about Laurie’s Teaching…

What Could Dreams Possibly Tell Me That I Don’t Already Know?

Dreams come more frequently than your daily newspaper. Yet, almost all of the material is about you. Your subconscious chooses each actor, setting, and action. All of this to give you updated and pertinent information. After all this ambitious work, why not take the next step and actually listen to what your dreamer has to say. Dreams yield insights that pertain to all areas of your life: self-image, career, health, relationships, and spirituality. Recurring dreams or nightmares are your soul’s way of telling you it has a message too important to ignore. Hearing the message can relieve anxiety. Understanding and acting on dreams messages can facilitate breakthroughs:

  • Einstein discovered relativity.
  • Nihl Bohr used his dreams to advance chemistry
  • Robert Louis Stevenson dreamed the plot to Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde.
  • Dreams can be predictive.
  • Lincoln foresaw his own death.
  • Joan of Arc dreamed she would win a war.
  • Sitting Bull predicted a win on the Battle of Little Bighorn.

Regular tending of dreams helps avoid bad decisions and provides ongoing personal guidance. Dreams can offer creative solutions to everyday problems as well as clarify your personal path. Your inner wise one is advising you from a timeless and loving place. Your dreamer is a portal to people, places, and wisdom unavailable in waking reality. Wise Woman Within-Intuitive Development Program- (including dream elements) available at Northern Star College.http://northernstarcollege.com/program/programs/intuitive-counselling-program/

The Session Unfolds

I do sessions in person, if possible. If the client is out of town I will also do a telephone consultation. The client needs to set aside two hours of uninterrupted time, while the session occurs. The dreamer must supply me with a typed copy of the dream and be willing to explore whatever area of their lives the dream opens to. The way I conduct dream sessions is to spend two hours with an individual, unraveling  a dream that intrigues them. We explore each dream image, character, setting, action and feeling. We then tie it back to how this impacts their current life situation. Other dreams respond to another technique, where we imagine the characters as living beings and converse with them to find out why they are appearing. Some dream beings become an on-going resource for dreamers, mentors worth consulting in trying times. While exploring dreams, insights and aha’s may result, allowing the dreamer to see something that was previously veiled, or find new perspective or understanding on an old problem. The dreamer needs to be open, honest and willing to access their own knowledge and truth. After the session, the dreamer thinks of an action stemming from their new perspective. The insights of dream wisdom then become anchored into daily life.

Why Is This Practice Named Dream Midwifery?

I call this practice Dream Midwifery, as I believe this allows the power and brilliance of the dream to be claimed by the dreamer. I help birth their insights and brilliance. They are the creators of this wisdom. It is a little less safe position than dream interpretation, where the interpreter tells the dreamer what the dream is about, sometimes without much of the dream originator’s help.

Dreamer’s Stories

One forty-year-old woman had recurring nightmares about an animal being wounded but didn’t tie this into how she was being abused in a work situation. When she found out her dream messages meaning, she changed her job and the nightmares stopped. One sixty-year-old woman had a dream of all the roses dying in her garden. Together we found the meaning of this, was that she had stopped dancing, as she thought she was too old. As a result, the joy she had experienced in her body while dancing dried up. With her dreamer’s wisdom accessed she knew the key to bringing the bloom back to her life was to dance again. A thirty-year-old man dreamed, that while driving he ran a red light, hurting himself and his girlfriend. By taking his dream material seriously he was able to see his dreamer was giving him a literal message. He was racing through his days and putting not only himself but also his relationship in real danger. The message was tangible enough to have him pause and re-examine his deep-rooted, reason for rushing and the consequences it had on his whole life. I have personally had great benefit from working with my dreams regularly. I have had realizations about my personality, preferences, and choices. This awareness has helped me make better choices and given me eye-opening insights. I highly value consulting the expertise of my inner dreamer and know how much wisdom lies inside of each of us- if only we would listen. Laurie Szott-Rogers is an instructor of aromatherapy, flower essences, dream work, and goddess mythology, at Northern Star College, Edmonton, where she teaches with her husband Robert. She has a BA, an IT, (Integrative Therapist, in Earth Spirit Medicine and Intuitive Counseling) and a diploma in Applied Research. She enjoys shamanic journeying and has explored the mystical arts since childhood. She has studied dreamwork at the U. of A., Pacifica University, and the Center College. Her books are available from amazon.com, check under books in the navigation panel on this website. The language you never learned in school may be as useful communicating to yourself, as English is when speaking with others. Read more about Laurie’s Teaching… Session Cost: $80.00 per hour. Phone: Laurie @ 780-433-7882 Email: selfheal@telusplanet.net