Flower Essence Products- The F.E.S. Line

The Following Products are available for order on our site using this link  – retail flower essences

Flower Essence Products

1/4 oz flower essences
1 oz. flower essences
1 oz Five Flower Remedy-Dropper
1 oz. 5- Flower Spray
1oz Yarrow Environmental Solution Dropper
1 oz. Yarrow Environmental Solution Spray
FES Complete Prof. Kit 103 Essences (1/4 oz)
Healing Herb Kit 40 Essences (1/4 oz.)

Flora Fusions, previously called Seasons of the Soul Herbal Flower Oils

Arnica Alleve (2oz)
Calendula Caress (2oz)
Dandelion Dynamo (2oz)
Mugwort Moon Magic (2oz)
Saint John’s Shield (2oz)
Benediction Oil (2oz)



Flourish Formulas-Essence Sprays 1 oz.

Animal Rescue Formula
Flora Sleep
Grief Relief
Grounding Green
Kinder Garden
Magenta Self- Healer
Mind –Full
Post-Trauma Stabilizer
Sacred Heart